Privacy And Security At Your Shared Workspace

Privacy and security are major concerns in co-working spaces. Every co-working hub is equipped with video surveillance, monitored parking lots and other secure Wi-Fi connections. However advanced the security systems may be, the building management cannot be held responsible for your belongings and irresponsible handling of documents. Here are a few ways to keep your ideas and belongings to yourself. Secure your data Turn on safe browsing on your system and install a firewall to ensure there is no data breach. If you are using a shared system in conference rooms, ensure that you haven’t left files on it and take your USB drives with you. Secure your workspace Organize your material documents in one folder so that you don’t leave anything behind at the end of the day. If you have storage cabinets at your desk, make use of them to keep your bag and other items while you work. Ensure you empty them at the end of the day or at the end of your term. Watch visitors Inform the reception desk of any client or guest that you are expecting. Do not leave your guests and clients unattended in any area of the building. Do not bring valuables There is no need to bring any expensive artefacts or wear expensive jewellery at your shared workspace. If there is anything valuable that you absolutely have to carry, ensure that it is either stashed away into your bag or on your person at all times.Workstation cleanliness Keep only what you need on your desk. Don’t clutter and stress out over lost documents. While leaving your desk, even if it is for a few minutes, close your laptop or computer. Keep most of your work in the digital format and only make small notes when required and on a notepad or journal.

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