How To Effectively Use a Co-working Space

A co-working space is a perfect choice of workspace for start-ups, innovators and freelancers. It gives the perfect boost for new CEOs, founders and lone wolves without having to run deep into one’s pockets. Start-ups are prone to make bad investments when it comes to office space. Setting up an office or a workstation at a co-working space is a great way to cut down on heavy expenses such as air-conditioning, parking, electricity and necessities by simply sharing all of these expenses with other occupants. It is an excellent means to ensure that your start-up is being cost-efficient and yet, stays uncompromised on the professionalism that backs your brand. There are, however, a few things to remember when working in a shared space. Privacy You must remember to respect the privacy of other companies and individuals sharing the space with you. While networking is an added perk of a co-working space, it would reflect badly on your brand or yourself to be completely disrespectful of those that work around you. Impressions made in a professional environment are often very lasting. Maintain cleanliness Working in a shared space means that you will have to familiarize yourself with wipes, tissues and informing the maintenance staff if there are any issues pertaining to the upkeep and cleanliness. Keep your desk clean and wipe down any spills. Do not leave wrappers, sheets of paper, tape and paperclips lying around you or on the floor. Etiquette Refill paper in printers if you have emptied them or alert the maintenance staff of the same. Return any borrowed office supplied such as pens, cables, etc. Don’t leave beverage cups on tables and desks that are not yours. Do not create a ruckus, speak loudly or answer phones at your desk if space is shared. Be polite to those working with you. Stay focused A co-working space always comes with background noise. You might as well get used to it for the long run. If you have trouble concentrating, bring a pair of noise-cancelling headphones along with you. Keep the management updated on changes If you choose to expand your space or rent more desks or cabins, inform the management staff so that the changes can be set into motion as early as possible. Do not wait until the very last moment as it takes time to set up private or dedicated workspaces and change agreements. Bottom line― be mindful, focus, network and ascend. .

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