5 ways to make your office space fun

5 ways to make your office space fun

“Why can’t office be fun?”

It is a frequent question posed by many working eight hours a day and five days a week. Well, to be frank, the answer is simple: why not? We have often limited office spaces to a professional equity in our life, disregarding the importance of fun and laughter during work hours.

Here are five ways you can make your office the best space to work in.

1. Give it a home-like feel
We have more or less felt the need to work from home, for obvious reasons indeed! The comfort of our sofa and bean bag cannot match the stiffness of office chairs and tables. This only makes it easier to make the decision to convert your office space into a homely space. This transition can be made by simply bringing in different settings in the office or allowing the employees to narrate the furniture placements. It does not necessarily mean changing the infrastructure, but maybe few tweaks here and there won’t hurt anybody.

2. Leave it your employees
Why not let your employees decide what is fun according to them? It’s not always a bad idea to let a group of people who spearhead your company, decide what they want. We have for far too long kept their choices astray for reasons unknown. Give your employees the freedom to set-up the place the way they want, or even bring valuables from home to decorate their personal space. This will encourage everyone to work efficiently and motivate them on a personal level.

3. Adapting downtime
The moment you talk about having an X-box or even a Gaming station at your office, you have already classified yourself into a different league.  Although MNC’s have taken a step towards building a fun office space, start-ups are not far behind in their approach.  Many start-ups have enforced game time and video gaming on their employees, which is a nice way to say “go have fun”.  So, building a setup where your employees can relax and enjoy some team time or alone time can affect the psyche of the team.

4. Celebrate diversity
You have to admit the fact that your employee list might be diverse, i.e. they come from different backgrounds with different cultures. This can be an advantage in terms of a learning curve. Try to create a platform for your employees to share culture and traditions. This can act as an icebreaker among many other things. It has been proven that when we share a personal relation with colleagues we work efficiently. You can also organize get-togethers, talent shows, or innovative competitions on regular basis to keep the spirit high.

5. Work Hard, Party harder
Organizing a party doesn’t necessarily mean putting up a grand show. You can always blend party elements into routines. Few examples being: keeping a hat day or even celebrating someone’s birthday. Make sure to also throw parties, and we mean grand shows once in a while. It is important to give them a chance to let their hair down after working hard. The motto, however, should and must be “work hard, party harder”.

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